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June 29th, 2005]
New LJ. Dont_ask_mee
Don't Wanna Think About You

June 2nd, 2005]
Hey if somebody can somehow put 1 of these pics on my LJ,
I'd love you forever. I have no clue how to


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the last 1 amuses me [Monday,
May 30th, 2005]
quizsCollapse )
4 Don't Wanna Think About You

May 3rd, 2005]
[ mood | sucky ]

I hate the person I'v become.

4 Don't Wanna Think About You

April 24th, 2005]
I'm cutting people who didn't comment when I said to. So if you actually care and I didn't already talk to you, your cut until you comment here.
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April 16th, 2005]
Jessica,Jeff,Heide,Sarah,Ben,Joe,Cheryl,Amy,Danielle,Greg,Matt,Keith,Nina,Alex,Diana,Connie,Emily,Esther,Dave,Tory,Jessica,Chad,Hannah,Stephanie,Shorty,Chloe,MattJ,Emily M, Leah, Meryl,Ian: I love all you guys so much.
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March 27th, 2005]
Happy Easter everybody.
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March 27th, 2005]

You Belong in the UK


A little proper, a little saucy.

You're so witty and charming...

No one notices your curry breath

Don't Wanna Think About You

Yet another stolen thing from Greg [Wednesday,
March 23rd, 2005]
[ ] hang out with me?
[ ] go see a movie with me?
[ ] hug me?
[ ] hug me a lot?
[ ] kiss me?
[ ] use your tongue?
[ ] let me put my hand on your butt?
[ ] put Your hand on My butt?
[ ] be alone in a room with me?
[ ] go on a date with me?
[ ] take me to your place?
[ ] sleep with me? (no sex)
[ ] cuddle with me?
[ ] have sex with me?
[ ] sing in a car with me?
[ ] play strip poker with me?
[ ] date me?
[ ] ask me out?
[ ] please me in more ways then 1?
[ ] let me kiss you?
[ ] get me a B-day gift?
[ ] be my gf/bf?
[ ] have a fling with me?
[ ] be there for me?
[ ] buy me a drink?
[ ] bring me around your friends?
[ ] give me a massage?
[ ] love me?
[ ] hang out with me more the 2 times a week?
[ ] miss me?
[ ] enjoy being with me?
[ ] re-post this for me to answer your questions
[ ] Be my friend!!!!!
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March 3rd, 2005]
If there is one person you can't stop thinking about, post this same exact sentence in your journal.
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Wow having a snow day gives me alot of extra time to do crap like this [Tuesday,
March 1st, 2005]
Which internet subculture do I belong to? [CLICK]
You are a Conspiracy Theorist!
Holy cow! You actually did an online quiz? Little did you realise that the information you gave us is being sent to an unknown government agency for evil use against you! Don't try to leave, we are already watching.
More Quizzes at Go-Quiz.com
Don't Wanna Think About You

Boys [Sunday,
February 27th, 2005]
You know what sucks? When ya like somebody, but they like somebody else and they tell you about it. It rips your heart out.
Don't Wanna Think About You

February 27th, 2005]
So I talked w/ Danielle last night. I was finally able to express how I'd been feeling lately and have somebody understand it. That was cool. The drama still sucks but o well. Boys are dumb but at least I know that I'm loved by my friends. So to thoes reading this, thanks for everything. You are all amazing and I love u all.
Don't Wanna Think About You

February 26th, 2005]
001) What time are you starting this: 8:57
002) Name: Ash
003) Date of birth: 11/14/86
004) Sex: Female
005) Height: 5'3
006) Eye color: Brown
007) Age: 18
009) Where were you born: Southfield
010) Have you ever failed a grade: nope.
011) If you have, what grade did you fail?
012) Do you have crush on someone?: yes
013) Do you have a bf: nope
014) If so, what is their name:dont got one
015) How long have you been together: ---
016) What are you wearing right now: PJ bottoms and Ramones Tshirt
018) Have you ever had a crush on any of your teachers:no
020) Do you smoke?: sometimes
021) Do you drink?: NO
022) Are you ghetto?:no
023) Are you a player?: no
024) What are your favorite colors:Red, Blue or Black
025) What is your favorite animal: dunno
026) Do you have any birthmarks:yep
027) If so, where?: leg
028) Who are some of your friends:Greg, Diana, Danielle just 2 name thoes I'm talking w/ currently
029) Have you ever beat someone up:No
030) Who do you talk to most on the phone: Mattie
031) Have you ever been slapped: yeah
032) Do you get online a lot: yes
033) Are you shy or outgoing: sometimes shy
034) Do you shower:yeah
035) Do you hate school: yeah always
036) Do you have a social life: yeah
037) How easily do you trust people: depends
038) Have you ever lied to your best friends:yeah
040) Would you ever sky dive: NO
041) Do you like to dance: nah
068) Have you ever been out of state: yeah
069) Do you like to travel: yes
070) Have you ever been expelled from school: no.
071) Have you ever been suspended from school:from summer school
072) Are you spoiled: no
074) Have you ever been dumped: yeah
075) Have you ever gotten high: yeah
076) What's your favorite drink: Coke
077) Do you like Snapple?: no
078) Do you drink a lot of water?: yes
079) What toothpaste do you use?:crest
080) Do you have a cell phone or pager: cell.
081) Do you have a curfew: no
082) Who do you look up to:my friends specially Mattie
083) Are you a role model:nope
085) What name brand is your favorite to wear:uhhhh I dunno
086) What kind of jewelry do you wear: none
087) What do you have pierced: nothing
088) What do you want pierced: I wanted since 10th grade to pierce my eyebrow but I dunno now
089) Do you like taking pictures: yes
090) Do you like getting your picture taken:no
091) Do you have a tan: no
092) Do you get annoyed easily: sometimes
093) Have you ever started a rumor: no
094) Do you have your own phone/phone line: cell phone
095) Do you have your own pool: nope
096) Do you have any siblings: yep,a older sister&brother and lil brother
097) Do you prefer boxers or briefs: Boxers:)
098) Have you ever played anyone: nope
099) What time are you finishing this: 9:05
Don't Wanna Think About You

Stole this from Nina. [Saturday,
February 26th, 2005]
what do you think about me??

» Personality:
» Eyes:
» Face:
» Hair:
» Clothes:
» Mannerisms:
» Family:

[1] Who are you?
[2] Are we friends?
[3] When and how did we meet?
[4] How have I affected you?
[5] What do you think of me?
[6] What's the fondest memory you have of me?
[7] How long do you think we will be friends or enemies?
[8] Do you love me?
[9] Have I ever hurt you?
[10] Would you hug me?
[11] Are we close?
[12] Emotionally, what stands out?

[13] Do you wish I was cooler?
[14] On a scale of 1-10, how nice am I?
[15] Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
[16] Am I loveable?
[17] How long have you known me?
[18] Describe me in one word.
[19] What was your first impression when we met?
[20] Do you still think that way about me now?
[21] What do you think my weakness is?
[22] Do you think I'll get married?
[23] What about me makes you happy?
[24] What about me makes you sad?
[25] What reminds you of me?
[26] What's something you would change about me?
[27] How well do you know me?
[28] Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
[29] Do you think I would kill someone?
[30] Are you going to put this on your journal and see what I say about you?
1 Don't Wanna Think About You

February 25th, 2005]

LJ Friends Meme by coolerq

• You must tell 18 people about this game.
Andy is the one that you love.
Jeff is one you like but can't work out.
• You care most about Amy .
Diana is the one who knows you very well.
Emily is your lucky star.
I'm not Ok, I promise is the song that matches with Andy .
Only One is the song for Jeff.
American Idiot is the song that tells you most about YOUR mind.
• and Eight of Nine is the song telling you how you feel about life
Take this quiz
Haha. Figure out which ones are right.
4 Don't Wanna Think About You

February 24th, 2005]
I'm failing biology. If anybody is good at that class and can help me, leave me a comment and let me know please.
2 Don't Wanna Think About You

I'm so unoriginal. I stole this from Shorty. [Wednesday,
February 23rd, 2005]
Leave a comment with A) (the one Id like you to do) A memory you have with me. and/or B) your favorite memory
Don't Wanna Think About You

Haha I love stealing crap like this from other ppls LJs [Tuesday,
February 22nd, 2005]
Post anything that you want here, but post it anonymously. A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love... anything. Make sure to post anonymously and honestly. Then, put this in your LJ to see what others have to say.
5 Don't Wanna Think About You

February 21st, 2005]
Ok, seeing as nobodys ever commented in this journal, I'm stealing this from Hannah and asking everybody to leave a comment NOW!!!!
2 Don't Wanna Think About You

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